Hello everyone my name is Connor and I browse this forums marketplace a awful lot. I've seen a lot of people giving out vouch copies to members with 100 or so posts and the user replying with a stupid comment like "vouch, this works". With this service I will provide high quality reviews of your product / service with detailed explanation of each and every aspect of your product.

So, why should you choose me to review your product?

With each review I will put my honest thoughts into it, If your product is bad or the service wasn't upto scratch I will write that. You are not paying for my honest opinion which means I will not lie about your product to get you more sales nor will I make things up.

What will be contained in my review?

Method quality: This will include how unique I find the method and if it is actually worth your time.
Originality: Is the method original and how many methods are similar to it.
Saturation Level: If the method is used by alot of people it will have a higher level. Higher level mean a higher chance of it been patched or stop working.
Turnover Rate: If your method is to make money this is the rate on which you will make money.
What hat is it: White hat or black hat, illegal or legal.
Grammar and spelling: How well the method is written and the manner of which the seller speaks to me.
Instructions: How clear the instructions are on what needs to be done
Overall review: My overall rating of the method

Obviously every section wont apply to your method and this is just a example of what it can contain


Payment will vary a lot of the time you will NOT need to pay me because I am getting the product / method. Comment that I am doing this for free stuff will be reported and eventually removed for thread trashing this gives people a option to give ONE vouch copy to me with a high quality review.