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    High Quality Reviews of Your Products!

    Hello everyone! I am iHateCampaign. I know that I am not the most trusted person on MPGH, but I will convince you why to choose me to take your vouch reviews.

    So, why should you choose me to review your product?

    Every review I make I will give you my honest opinion. I will not lie about your product in any way. I am not that trusted, but trust me. I will write High Quality reviews og your product.

    What will the review hold?

    Method quality: This will include how unique the method is, and if it is worth it.
    Originality: This will incude how original your product is. In other words "leech rating".
    Saturation Level: If the method is used by many people it will have a higher level. Higher level mean a higher chance of it been patched or stop working. So 0/10 is best
    Turnover Rate: The rating of how good chance you will have to get a profit off the product.
    Legalness: If the product is legal, unlegal, blackhat or whitehat.
    English grammar and spelling: How well the method is written and if there is any spelling/grammar mistakes.
    Instructions: How clear the instructions are on what needs to be done. If it is "Step by step" or anything like that.
    Overall review: My overall rating of the method. My thoughts abiut it.

    You will not have to pay me anything, bacause I will be given a free copy of your product.

    Best regards!
    - iHateCampaign
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