• Deadly Ragnarok Online •
Server Released May 1, 2014
High-Rate Server 255/120
With Internal Guard
NO After Cast Delay
• Server Features •
Vote System
Quest Server
PVP/WOE Server
Automative Event's
Hunt System
Instant Level

• Droprates •
LHZ & Rare Boss Cards:5%
Other MVP Cards:20%

• Custom NPC's •
PVP Warper
YGG Box Trader
Vote Shop
and More
• Freebies For Newbies •
1 Valkyrie set
3~4 +10 Weapons
1 Doppelganger Card
• Guild Package •
Fusion Set(4 Parts)
10 Yggdrasil Berry Box | 50 for Guild Master 10 Box of Thunder Box | 50 for Guild Master
1 General Egnigem Cenia Card
1 Ghostring Card
1 Deviling Card
1 Tao Gunka Card

Requirements for Guild Package:
Must have a minimum of at least 10 members.
All accounts must be new created. Fresh IP's. Only 5 days old and below to the server.
Only new joined guilds are allowed to avail the Guild Package.
All members must be online during the distribution of Guild Package.
We will not entertain any late members.

Message me Here or in Facebook with the following:
Guild Name:
Guild Leader:
Number of Guild Members:
Guild Members: List of Members Name
Screenshot of the guild with all the members

deadly-ro . net
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