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    Thumbs up Twitch Services | Channel Views $1.5/50k | Live Views

    Hello and welcome to my bot shop! We (me and a friend) sell unbeatably cheap channel & live views!

    Channel Views: $1.50 for every 50k Or $15 for 1M!
    We intend to give you your channel views ASAP, ETA depends on amount ordered.

    Live Views: $1 for every 100 lasting 1 hour $2 for every 200 lasting 1 hour Etc.
    Maximum of 1500 live views at a time. You will need to choose a time for when you'd like your views to be allocated.

    If you really need proof then check out our own channel at

    By purchasing our product(s) you agree that we are not held responsible for any account suspensions that may happen despite the very unlikely nature of them.
    We recommend that you tell your (real) viewers that you have tweeted twitchsupport about someone viewbotting your stream so they don't go and accuse you of doing it yourself.

    All purchases are final and must be sent as a gift to friends/family, along with your twitch name, what you are ordering/time if need be, if you message us on ***** you might not have to include purchase details if we know it is from you.

    Any chargebacks will be logged and a scam report will be filed against you, there are no refunds and due to the nature of the channel views we shall not go first.
    Check out the old thread for two customers who have vouched for this service, offers are welcome.

    As of now we only accept paypal, in which the prices are in USD due to popularity, but we also accept GBP which we can discuss on *****.

    Contact us on *****:

    EDIT: We are offering ONE vouch copy to a trusted and known user, this contains 50k channel views.
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    I can confirm legit!! I bought 200k channel viewers earlier for $4 they arrived in minutes :3

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