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    [Free][Release]PokeMMO Safari Fishing Bot (Open Source)

    Someone requested a dratini fishing bot on another forum, wrote one up. You can use it to fish whatever PKMN you want in the safari, will continue to go into the safari and continue to fish if you have the setting for it.

    Detected four trojans. I'm guessing the IniRead function from autoit is detected as some kind of trojan? Or maybe it's the imagesearch.dll file. Either way they're false positives.

    Making it work
    Before you start it set up the Config file!!
    Render weather needs to be turned off. The darkness will mess with the image searching.
    It will work wither NPC bubbles turned on or off.
    You can start in one of three spots, any of the white rectangle spots in the picture. If you start in the safari, in those spots, you need to supply the Safari Balls box with however many you have and you need to be facing the water. (The bot does not do a check to see if what you put is exactly how many balls it has...)

    [Settings Explained]
    Key Press=False		;Await Key Press In battle: True/False
    Toggle Run=False	;True/False If toggle run is checked set this to true, false otherwise
    ;Setting it to true can be kind of buggy. No one to know for sure if run has already been toggled on.
    ;I suggest setting it to false and unchecking toggle run.
    Fishing Hot Key=F1	;Fishing Rod Hotkey
    A Button=X			;In game A button
    B Button=Z			;In game B button
    PKMN1=magikarp		;First PKMN you want to catch, leave blank if you don't have a first PKMN to catch
    PKMN2=		;second PKMN you want to catch, leave blank if you don't have a second PKMN to catch
    PKMN3=		;Third PKMN you want to catch, leave blank if you don't have a third PKMN to catch
    Delay=500			;Extra delay to make it so you're not so botty, 500 is a good number, don't go below 100
    AFK=True			;True/False When bot runs out of balls go back inside safari and continue fishing
    Debug=True			;True/False, true will show tooltips and help find where the bot is messing up, false otherwise
    Offset=14			;Offset used to make sure bot clicks on the correct spot on the screen for the summary window, in pixels!
    ;Note: the PKMN1=magikarp matches the file name of the picture for magikarp (magikarp.bmp)
    I think I explained the config file pretty well but just a few clarifications.
    • Key Press (If you have "Await key press in battle" checked in the game, set this to false, true otherwise)
    • Toggle Run (I suggest turning the toggle run off in game, set this value to false. It might work with it on. Depends on if you've already toggled run on in game. If you're unsure just set this to false and uncheck toggle run).
    • PKMN1 (You need a small picture of the PKMN you want to catch, I supplied a picture for magikarp and dratini-they are named magikarp.bmp and dratini.bmp respectively. The images need to be .bmp, they could be a picture of the PKMN or a picture of the name of the PKMN. Can tell the bot to catch up to three different PKMN-will run otherwise.
    • AFK (True/False, set to true if you want the bot to go back into the safari and continue to fish, will use money.)
    • Offset (I had a small problem with the script trying to click about 14-15 pixels below where the X was for the summary window. Start the bot, open up a summary window and press HOME to make sure the bot moves the mouse over the X. If it's above it: decrease offset, if it's below it: increase offset.)

    Download comes with the .au3 file for this and a pre-compiled .exe file if you don't care about source. Can also view the code here at pastebin.

    Problems, bugs, stuck, can't get it to work?
    A screenshot or a small description of where it's at/what it's trying to do and make sure Debug=True and tell me what the tooltip says.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails
    start areas.png  

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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    Please help me i have seen so long a go. on this web side some one post cheat or hack it was paid , that u get to kill all alone enemy team. and get full xp. and money. i want to know if they have still that paid cheat. if anyone heard or know about this kinds cheat., plz let me know

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