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    DayZ Rules & Behavior Guidelines

    The purpose of this thread is to notify users of the rules and to notify users what each subsection is for. These rules are subject to change at any time so make sure to check back often.

    DayZ Mod & Standalone Hacks & Cheats:
    • The purpose of this section is for releases such as hacks, scripts, menus, etc. Please label if you're hack is for DayZ Mod or DayZ Standalone, so it clears up confusion.
    • Autobuys are not allowed, if you are found to have an autobuy in your signature or selling thread you will be banned.
    • Keystealers are not allowed to be discussed to an extent, as well as Key Methods, ways to get keys.
    • When discussing Keystealers, you may not post on how to: spread a keystealer, make/distribute a keystealer, find someone that sells a Keystealer, etc. However you MAY post things such as: there has been a lot of keystealers lately, thoughts on if keystealing is acceptable, etc.
    • When discussing key methods you may not post on how to: find a keymethod, where to buy a keymethod, etc. You may post on what you think of key methods, etc.
    • You are not allowed to Hijack threads, which is posting, "Come check out my keys!", "Come see my spawn service!", "My hack is better find it here!", etc.
    • Begging for keys, someone to spawn for you, or a copy of DayZ is not allowed and will result in your post deleted.
    • Don't ask people to check a file for you.
    • Do not advertise Key stealer videos, ask if a YouTube video is legit, etc.
    • If you're giving out free keys, it must be done through MPGH and not Skype, MSN, Gmail, or any other external messaging service.
    • Before you upload a file, read this thread to make sure you do it properly:
    • Abbreviations of different hacking sites are not allowed to be used and will result in a warning, continued use may lead to further action. (EX: VA, TM, AJ, etc.)
    • The buying/selling/trading of YouTube views & videos is not permitted in the DayZ section as it promotes key stealing.

    DayZ Discussion:
    • This section is for discussing different aspects of DayZ, whether it's DayZ Mod or DayZ Standalone. You can give preview of your new hacks, discuss how much you hate or love hackers, or just look for people to play with.
    • If you're giving out, "beta testers," for a, "program," it must be done and released on MPGH and not delivered externally through Skype, MSN, Gmail, etc.

    DayZ Selling / Trading / Buying:
    • This section is to sell accounts or services for DayZ Mod and DayZ Standalone. Common things sold here are spawning services, DayZ Standalone copies, etc.
    • All the rules for this section can be found here:
    • Hijacking a thread in the marketplace will result in an infraction, don't go around advertising yourself on other threads unless the person is asking to buy that service.

    DayZ Help & Requests:

    Properly Uploading Files/Hacks:
    • Use Jotti, Virustotal, VirusChief, or VirScan for your virus scan links (any others will be ignored). You need at least two virus scans for your release.
    • You must include a screenshot for your release, there are some exceptions like .txt files for example.
    • Hacks are not allowed to include auto-update features, unless given permission by Dave himself.
    • Constantly spamming "OMGGGGGG PLEASE APPROVE ITS BEEN 30 MINUTES," "APPROVE PL0X," will make us do nothing but delete your post and give you an infraction. Only the OP can request an approve by mentioning the minions of the section and or Global Moderators.
    • Uploading viral content key loggers, password stealers, RATs, will be deleted by staff and you will be permanently banned; same goes for files including advertising.

    DayZ Minion:


    Global Moderators:
    [MPGH]BACKD00R, [MPGH]Flengo, [MPGH]Hero

    Other Useful Threads:

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    MPGH Staff History:
    Minion: 02-12-2013 - 6-28-2013
    Former Staff: 6-28-2013 - 7-14-2014
    Minion: 7-14-2014 - 1-3-2015
    Minion+: 1-3-2015 - 6-1-2015
    Moderator: 6-1-2015 - 10-2-2016
    Global Moderator: 10-2-2016 - Current

    Current Sections:
    DayZ Mod & Standalone Hacks & Cheats
    BattleOn Games Hacks, Cheats & Trainers
    Minecraft Hacks
    Other Semi-Popular First Person Shooter Hacks
    Blackshot Hacks & Cheats
    Need For Speed World Hacks
    Other First Person Shooter Hacks
    CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks
    Garry's Mod Hacks & Cheats

    If you want to donate money to me I take Bitcoin & Paypal, PM me for either of these if you're interested and thanks.
    Top Donators: (Awesome People)
    FanticSteal $75.00
    smurf_master $58.00 <- Best DayZ Gear Seller
    Fujiyama $25.00
    [MPGH]Black $10.00
    [MPGH]Hova $10.00
    xJudgez $4.54
    [MPGH]Normen's Sheep $3.50
    eminemlover $1.50


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