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    Talking Rise Against need members! Join for cookiez? :D

    My clan Rise Against has been up for a few months but we were rarely on and alot of people just don't join because it isn't 'populated' enough which is kinda lame. Anyway, anyone who wants to help me start the phenomenon. Go on and type Rise Against in the clan search. We are Rise Against not RISE_AGAINST. They are a higher ranked clan but I beat their leader 1 on 1 so I'm proud.

    Clan Rules!

    ♥ Don't be cocky.
    ♥ Don't show weakness.
    ♥ If someone on the team faults, don't lecture them.
    ♥ If accused of hacking, just ignore them and lol in team say.
    ♥ Show respect for all who aren't annoying.
    ♥ Only take one cookie at a time.
    ♥ Don't spam.
    ♥ Don't flame.
    ♥ Work together in game. It isn't about one man, it's a team battle.

    I don't have any real rules to follow. If you hack then oh well. I won't punish you for it or anything. I just have high hopes of making this clan something.

    We currently have 12 members and are recruiting still. These are our current members:
    - ******ry (Myself)
    - GunzBlazing
    - Lord*Anubis
    - joeleking
    - khakiman
    - Janefrutze
    - Hardys4ever
    - Paco_Pepe
    - [S]CAR*DEVO
    - Sleekback
    - PatoMCR
    - casper1x3

    Oh, and one other rule. When there is more than 3 clan members on I expect you to participate in Clan Wars. Ranking is really crucial to me and I want to get within the top 1000 within a few weeks.

    I don't have a logo because I'm 1 rank away. Not long
    Z8Games ? Home of the Best Free MMO Games - Clans - Clan Home <--This is direct link.
    Hope you join the gang soon

    Take it easy,
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