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    MPGH News 50th Edition (24/1/2015)

    50th Edition

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    Additional User News

    Help us revive the console section if you want to take part in the revival apply for our group here and post tutorials and help out the console gaming community

    Two Japanese hostages, one demand

    In the latest video released by Isis, a masked man ( known as Jihadi John ) gives the Japanese government a choice, to pay 200$ million -- the same amount of money Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged to countries affected by ISIS -- to free the Japanese men, he gave him 72 hours from when the video was released online, which would mean the date expires sometime Friday.
    "Although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the Islamic State, you willingly volunteered to take part in this crusade," said the masked man in the video.

    Charlie Hebdo Protests

    Violent protests have erupted in parts of the world over the latest issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
    While most of the protests have been peaceful, authorities from Africa to the Middle East are seeing clashes in the streets -- and seeking ways to tamp down the uproar among Muslims, furous over depictions of Muhammad. The deadliest violence has been in Niger, where 10 people were killed, and churches and homes were destroyed, AFP, the France-based news wire service, said police reported 173 injured, and at least 45 churches have been set ablaze in the capital (Niamey) alone, and a Christian orphanage was also set on fire.

    Technology News
    we're working on the new banner. whoops!

    seomthign wohatever who cares

    Honestly, I was going to write something about a fleshlight that simulates fucking a cake, but the whole cake bit is getting old. Nothing interesting happened in the tech world -- at least that any of you would care about. Basically, either you guys have seen it already, or it's just not interesting.
    So here's a video of my friend's dog eating the cardboard toilet paper roll.

    BattleTale Double XP weekend (again)

    This weekend the popular MPGH game of battletale is having another double xp weekend due to the issues which kept the site down for a large time of the double xp im happy to announce there will be another double xp weekend make sure to log on and if you dont have an account request one here.

    Gat Outta Hell on available on steam

    Gat outta hell the standalone expansion for saints row has now been released on steam you follow Johnny Gat captured by satan for the intention of marrying his daughter. This is a highly anticipated release for saints fans everywhere are is a great standalone expansion to the series.

    Microsoft announces XBOX One game streaming to Windows PC and tablets

    At Microsofts windows 10 event they stated that a Windows 10 XBOX One app will allow players to steam games from there xbox one console to any Windows 10 PC or tablet in your home. This is very interesting and a cool new perk for any xbox owners planning on getting windows 10 and its somthing i hope to see succeed.

    KillTheNoise: Hey HeroicXPharaoh, How are you today ?

    HeroicXPharaoh: I am doing great, thanks for asking. And you?

    KillTheNoise: Im good thanks. What Drew you to MPGH and why did you decide to join ?

    HeroicXPharaoh: Well, I was basically looking for somewhere which had a lot of members. a place where you can just discuss anything with people, a place where the staff actually are staff and work hard for their positions, most importantly tho, a place where you can buy / sell all sorts of items with other people.

    KillTheNoise: Partly the same as I joined, the community had an allure that was very appealing to me at the time. I see your hard work has paid off in the market place and you where chosen as a OMM I understand its alot of work how did you feel when you got chosen for the position and how do you plan to go forward as an OMM ?

    HeroicXPharaoh: I was just coming back home when I decided to open up Skype and I found a lot of friends congratulating me on OMM, thought they were bluffing, I then opened MPGH, and found that it was legit, to be honest, it was a great feeling, that your hard work has paid off, yeah, it is somewhat of a tough job, trades could take a long time, and you might run up on trolls or scammers upon the way, and it seriously requires a lot of patience and time, I plan to just continue what I do now, help users with their trades, solve scam reports, and then we'll see what the future holds.

    KillTheNoise: OMM is a hard job and takes a special member to take it on and it looks like you took it on head first and have been doing a good job so far and I wish you all the best on it. What would your opinions be on all these new staff positions opening up giving opportunities to new members and a chance of being staff.

    HeroicXPharaoh: Thanks for that, I think that it's a great way of testing members, because as we have said before, being staff is not an easy job, so you see how patient, how dedicated, how responsible they are to something, and also a great way to help the community, and I have an advice to the new staff or those who want to be staff in the future : Work hard, and do your best.

    KillTheNoise: "Work hard and do your best" That's what all the new staff should take away when they decide the approach the challenge they have infront of them headon Heroic its been a pleasure talking to you and I can only wish you the best.

    HeroicXPharaoh: Thanks a lot buddy, been a pleasure talking to you too.

    KillTheNoise: Hey Subaru, How are you today ?

    Subaru`: Good, how are you?

    KillTheNoise: I'm great thanks. I would like to ask how did you find out about MPGH and what drew you into contributing to this community ?

    Subaru`: I used to play Combat Arms when I was younger, and as you know, there are a lot of cheaters. I became mad that I couldn't play the game legit, so I went out to find cheats for the game. I happened to stumble upon MPGH in that time. I lurked for about a year, and then I finally registered after I stopped playing Combat Arms. I started playing Call of Duty right after, and I started posting in the CoD section. Pretty soon I was becoming a regular, and people were starting to recognize me. About when Call of Duty Ghosts came out, I started learning VB and C# to code cheats for the game. I believe my first trainer was a simple Camo Changer that took me 2 weeks to make. After that I started helping out other members and such.

    KillTheNoise: I had an extreme interest in Call of duty 4 hacks and that's what drew me onto MPGH then I discovered the community and setup home, looking back I wish I had contributed more to the section. I understand you've been chosen recently as minion of the Call of Duty section that's a great achievement congrats I can see you poured yourself into the section and devoted lots of time to it and its great to get something for all that hard work. What was your reaction to becoming minion and how did you feel after the fact.

    Subaru`: Thank you! My initial reaction to the promotion, was "wow". I honestly didn't think I would receive Minion as there were a lot of more experienced candidates that applied as well. I was overly ecstatic that I got the promotion though, as now I can put my mind into place and see fit that the CoD section becomes more active, helpful, and of course, safe.

    KillTheNoise:Its wonderful to see you have such ambition for the section and you want it to succeed that's the best thing you can do. There has been a large shift in staff with the new middle-men and now 2 new minions are there any suggestions you would like to add for anyone aspiring to one day become a minion.

    Subaru`: My biggest tip would have to be, dedicating yourself to the section. Make yourself known. Become a trusted member there. Even creating programs for that section would be a huge bonus. Another tip I would have to give is, associate yourself with current/previous Staff Members. Get to know them, and what their job is/used to be. Your best bet at becoming Minion, would be the experience that you have. Learn the basics of being a staff member, it'll make your application process 100 times easier.

    KillTheNoise: Andrew It’s been wonderful talking with you, I can only wish you and akim14 the best in running the CoD section and any other challenges that come your way thank you for talking with me today.

    Subaru`: Thank you, it has been wonderful talking to you too. Have a great rest of your day.


    Head editors: bowlcut
    User news: Organized Chaos (KillTheNoise this week)
    Gaming news: KillTheNoise
    Global news: HeroicXPharaoh
    Technology news: Predator
    Interviewer: Julma Henri (KillTheNoise this week)
    GFX: Color
    Free lancers: Raple,
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