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    Accounts with AP

    RATE : $4.5/ 1000AP [Max is 7000AP/ 1 account ]
    You can book your own account with an AP amount that you want
    + For Accounts <=1499AP, accounts will be delivered right away
    NOW Aeriagames has limited the earning of APS from ******s, only 1499AP per day, so if im out of stock , you guys might need to wait a few days to trade with me
    I will send you the unique email / passwords for the Accounts , after buying, the accounts are yours !

    NOTE :
    _We only Accept Payments via PAYPAL! Are transactions are recoreded by Videos, those will be used when chargebacks happen.
    _Due to the fact that we are from different timezone, you might not get my response immediately, DO NOT freak out ! I will get back to you ASAP
    _Your Purchases of AP are guaranteed for 24 HOURS after transactions! If there is any lost, please provide us your evidences, we will return back to you
    _ Some games might need you to level the accounts up to level 10 to use the Gift/ Trade functions.

    ***** : gameseller07 -G1C/ ArtixP Seller. Pls be aware of the other scammer [Aeriapoints Service]

    Reputations and Vouches:

    Quote Originally Posted by Troublesh00t View Post
    +99 Vouch for this guy ^^ bought 150$ AP and got them by an hour everything went great and hes really nice gave me a bit extra!
    Quote Originally Posted by shekk01 View Post
    bought my first $10 worth and it was delivered quickly
    Quote Originally Posted by Unforgiven Past View Post
    Bought $5, delivered within 10 minutes upon payment. Very professional service. Would recommend.
    Quote Originally Posted by nforse View Post
    bought $15 went fast and smooth. thx bud

    Quote Originally Posted by ohrekt View Post
    bought 20$ worth of AP, Supersonic was down last night, so he refunded me, I woke up with my AP, this guy is trusted. Fast and smooth other than that, looking forward to buy some more. +1
    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingBird View Post
    This guy is awesome, friendly, and completely a legitimate seller. I highly recommend him.

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    Don't sell accouts in this section

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