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    Run your own PPD network and make a lot of money

    This is a complete script ( with also a file update ) for running your own personal PPD network. Everything is customizable, it is a good base and works with the most famous CPA networks (CPAlead, adscendmedia and adworkmedia).

    It's very simple to set it up and a documentation for running it is included (read it before installing the script). Have fun!

    CashFile PPD site script 1.2 has three CPA network supported . PayPal supported to send money to uploaders. Pay Per Download script that has enhanced features of a normal file hosting script. This lets your earn up to 50 times more than you would running a normal file hosting Website. Quick and simple to use PPD Script that makes running your own online PPD website easy.

    Leave rep and thanks if you fount it helpful

    Please don't ban me if this is not permitted I fount this leaked somewhere and thought i'd share with community
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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