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    Exclamation Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Marketplace Rules & Regulations

    Notice: This thread is to notify users of the rules of the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Marketplace and what are the punishments for anyone who breaks them. Read these rules before creating a thread and make sure to check them out often as they are subject to change at any time. Also, keep in mind that all the other MPGH RULES apply in this section as a whole as well.
    Make sure your thread title does not use any misleading terms along the lines of "Trusted/Premium/Reliable Member"

    Posting Rules:
    • You are NOT allowed to hijack someone else's thread meaning you can by no means make "CHECK OUT MY ACCOUNTS! THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS GUY'S ACCOUNTS! Huehuehue"-like posts in their thread.
    • If you have been scammed by a user, do not make a post in their thread stating so as you will make us do nothing, but delete it and possibly infract you for sales trashing. Make a scam report against them here instead. Also, make sure to read this before doing so.
    • No trading using a non-official middleman. (Permanent Ban)
    • No middle manning unless being an official middleman of MPGH. (Permanent Ban)
    • No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)
    • No posting false or misleading reviews (this includes not being a buyer, deliberately misleading members, being affiliated with another seller, inaccurately harming a sellers reputation, or any deceptive practices to hurt a seller). (1 Month Ban)
    • No posting derogatory remarks regarding in any seller thread. Keep it informative and neutral. (3 Day Ban)

    Selling/Trading/Buying Rules:
    • When selling/trading an account or service, you must provide proof that you have the said account or are able to fulfill said service.
    • Auto-buys are NOT allowed to be used when selling/trading/buying accounts/items/services.
    • If you wish to open a shop, e.g. account shop, or already have a shop open, be advised that you have to make a vouch thread in the Vouches section which can be found here.
    • You are required to provide your contact information in your marketplace thread regardless of whether you are selling/trading and buying an account/item.
    • D1scord and Skyp3 are not valid forms of contact. You must use MPGH IM to contact. Email is optional but your thread must include your IM link to be approved.

    What You Are Permitted to Sell/Trade/Buy:
    • You are ONLY permitted to sell/trade/buy accounts/items/services.

    What You Are NOT Permitted To Sell/Trade/Buy:
    • You are NOT permitted to sell/trade/buy the following:
      • Hacks.
      • Cheats.
      • Scripts (as well as Remote Executables).
      • Bypasses.
      • Menus.
      • Source code.
      • Keystealers.
      • Methods To Sell Keys.
      • Stolen/Phished Accounts.
      • Random and Unchecked Keys/Accounts/Logs.
      • Remote Executives/Remove Executive Bypasser.
      • Brute Forcers.
      • Bruteforce Methods.
      • Account Stealers/Crackers.
      • DDoS Services.
      • Programs.
      • Doxing Services.
      • Skyp3 Banning Services.

    Vouching Rules:
    • You can vouch in a user's thread, their vouch thread, or both.
    • There are two requirements in order for a vouch to be considered as valid which consists of one being required to have at least 2 months of forum membership as well as 10 posts. Vouch posts that fail to meet these requirements will be deleted.

    Vouching Format:
    Other person involved:
    Item that has been sold/traded/bought:
    Link to the marketplace thread in question:

    Vouch Copy Rules:
    • You are not allowed to ask for vouch copies unless you meet the requirements in order for one to be able to do so in the first place which can be found here. Anyone caught asking for a vouch copy without meeting the requirements to be able to do so beforehand will be infracted.

    All services and "alt sales" must provide a vouch copy within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a thread deletion. If this becomes a problem, you will be infracted as such.

    Bumping Rule:
    You are only allowed to bump your thread after 24 hours have passed since your last thread bump. Violating this rule will lead to a post deletion and a warning. Violating it more than once will lead to an INFRACTION and so on if an infraction is not enough to stop you from breaking it. Adding to that, note that a thread bump is not only restricted to "bumpppp"-like posts. It also includes any redundant posts such as "Back online and selling!", "Restocked!", "Thanks for the vouch, still selling!", etc made with the sole purpose of getting your thread to the top of the Marketplace page. If you need to respond to a question, do so via PM, VM, MPGH IM or email. If you need to confirm your identity with someone, do so via the Thanks button.

    Requesting A Thread Edit:
    • Once 24 hours have passed since you made your thread, you will no longer be able to edit it. If you want anything in it to be updated/changed such as its title or content, you can just PM whoever the current Minion of the section is or report the post with changes. Make sure you tell them exactly what you want to be done since they can only go by what you tell them. At times, they may be busy or unavailable so please be patient when asking them to edit your thread.
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    I've updated a few thread sections. Please give the thread as a whole a read again as such. Thanks.
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    /Updated 11/20/16.

    @Smoke's no longer a Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Marketplace Minion.

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    A reminder that posting in this section has rules to follow!

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    Updated to properly reflect the bumping rules.
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