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    Arrow [INFO] Forum Rules-Explained & how to upload files

    So you're interested in posting a file on MPGH.
    Whether it be an application, hack, or tool, this is the correct way of posting it.

    Now lets get started on the proper etiquette when posting a file.

    1) Screenshot - First you're going to need a screen shot of the program in use.
    - This varies upon release, I.E if you're posting a bypass a screen shot is not mandatory.

    2) Scan it
    - Second, you're going to need two virus scans. One from each of these locations:
    - This is MANDATORY with every release.

    3) Post it
    - Third, you're going to need to upload the file to your thread using the "Manage Attachments" button located towards the bottom of the screen. Looks like this:

    I don't like it!!

    You might find these rules harsh but they are put into place to insure the protection users. We don't want viruses spread on our forums like other sites. Staff in MPGH ensure a safe experience and put our utmost effort into keeping it like that.


    Consequences will vary upon the severity of the mod.
    I can assure you that evading approval rules and posting a direct link will result in a quick ban.

    Any thread not following these rules will be allowed a grace period (up to the mod's discretion) to fix their post. There on after it's considered spam and will be Deleted and the poster banned..
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    If anyone claims to be me via MSN/Skype/Email or any other source outside of MPGH private or visitor messages, IT'S NOT ME!
    They are trying to trick or scam you. Report them immediately and PM me here for verification.
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    Stupid/Pointless Private messages = SPAM, SPAM = BAN.

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    [INFO] Forum Rules-Explained

    Here our the updated rules for the AVA Section in its entirety and the punishments that follow.

    Perma(Permanent) Ban:

    -Faking Virus scans:Virus scans that don't match the hack that was uploaded.

    -ANY Advertisement:Any link that is intentionally posted to advert attention away from our site in order to benefit that user in some shape or form.

    3 Day Ban

    -Flaming:Verbal abuse towards another member for no apparent reason. This also includes instigating a flame.

    • Example:
      Bob:Yeah, great hack dude!
      Joe:Shut the fuck up you stupid cock sucking, fat mother fucking, dick loving bitch.

    -Posting External Links:A hyperlink on a Web page that points to a page on a different Web site. Mpgh requires all downloads to be uploaded as attachments to Mpgh.

    How to upload hacks as attachments:

    1 Day Ban

    -Bumping Threads one week or older:"Thread bumping" is the act of posting in a thread, with the sole goal of getting it back to the top of the thread list. Its just a matter of common sense. Look at the date of the last post before you post on a thread.

    • Example:

    -Spamming: Spam stands for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages. Although I am a strong proponent of educating people about what is and what is not spam, I do believe they're good and bad spam. Spam can help sites aswell as hurt them. A big issue with 80% of the minions was knowing what to delete as spam and what not to delete. Consistently posting on-topic is NOT spam, its called being active. Believe it or not a thread that is considered spam to you could help another member. You don't even know how many members we get from random keywords that might be considered "spam" in your opinion.

    • Examples of Spam:

    -Begging/Requesting Hacks:Soliciting hacks or any type of intangible item on Mpgh. There is a fine line between requesting and begging and you shouldn't be doing either of them in the Crossfire hacking section. If you would like HELP finding a hack, you can post in our Crossfire General Subsection.

    • Example of begging:

      Example of Requesting:

    -Posting In the Wrong Section: Its basically using common sense. We have one main section and three subsections(general, clan ads, and modding). If you're releasing a hack or a tool that was coded than place it in the CF hacking section. If you want to talk about a new gun thats been released or anything having to do with CF, than post it in the general section. If you've created a mod for CF post it in the modding section and if you want to advertise your clan, post it in the Clan advertising section.

    These rules will be set in place immediately. I hope you all read them, but we are not held responsible if you don't. Im inclined to change these rules and punishments at any time(I will warn you ofc).

    Note:I didn't add the virus scans because the minions/mods shouldn't approve threads without virus scans anyway.

    Thanks to helloernesto for the video.
    Thanks to dictionary website for the select words
    Thanks to urban dictionary for the definition of "spam".

    ~Mpgh Staff~

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    Go suck a lemon drake!!!

    Back on topic nice thread i wont lie some words on there are to big for my mind to handle but good stuff hope people read this.
    Also with the spam yeah i had infractions for spam witch were not spam at all.Great work

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    LOL. I loved his examples of noob actions. XD

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