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  1. u are black.
  2. dead fag .
  3. how are u still staff???
  4. yeah brb gonna report you. scamming bastard
  5. good cause You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Royce again.
  6. jokes on you I didn't want ur rep back anyways
  7. me big nig u lil nig
  8. Grats lil nig
  9. fuck u .
  10. COuld of just said fuck you and that would of been less hurtful
  11. as much as I'd like to say you helped, I don't think you did. thanks though.
  12. Was I good lawyer
  14. nigga wtf is your rep power shesh.
  15. show me your tits.
  16. f u man , We will duo
  17. hey i got a new smurf i added you on it if you wanna duo :^)
  18. gz on silver 4

  19. .
  20. bih that's what im saying, literally i carry with him, and on top of that only game i've lost with him is the game i first tried him in and that's with a troll on the team lol
  21. yeah man i'm telling you that champ is honestly retarded op and I don't know why riot hasn't nerfed it yet, but hey hop on the freelo train while it's still there
  22. tahm really was that boy, took me straight to promos
  23. Sike, I'm gonna try and get out again
  24. that's the bronze mentality. you belong in bronze.
  25. it's from trolls to afks, It was just sad man, I can't play in that elo it's impossible for me, No team work no nothing
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