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  1. cya freak!!!!!!!!
  2. is being called a 'dumbass' by a mod an acceptable thing here on MPGH?
  3. reported dumbass
  4. pls plus rep me
  5. Hey d o g.
  6. shut up .
  7. Listen pal, just because you're M+ now doesn't mean anything you hear me dog? You bark when I say bark OK dOg? I will NOT tolerate disobedience.
  8. lol told you.
  9. ur 100% right byodom this rat never posts lol nice post ban spam idiot .
  10. i think u meant to message the other general guy
  11. just resign already
  12. Wasn't me, you're looking for the other general guy.
  13. stop deleting me fucking posts m9
  14. nice avatar fag, you into boys or something??
  15. Yeah. I'm sorry though. Next time maybe you could be a writer/interviewer if you want to.
  16. Thanks for the opportunity though.
  17. Oh okay. Yeah, nothing was being done with Newsletter. You don't have to know html.
  18. Yes. I didn't do anything and I have no idea how to do html.
  19. Did you quit News FO on your own? I was about to come talk to you..
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