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  1. Sooo ....
  2. So who's our kid?
  3. You already do turn me on.
    I don't mind trying though, it might make my penis even harder.
  4. Would of turn you on if i pretended i was 12 years old ? mmmm .
  5. Not really, I like children.
    If you get what I mean.
  6. Do you mind being a Dad ?
  7. Oh you dirty little slut :O . Hahahha , yes thats the way to go . Your still young , go wild <3
  8. I don't want to go together though, I want to touch more girls than one.
  9. Awww , i'm sure you & your gf will get back together ! Just another phase , but sure .
  10. I love you princess<3
    Broke up with my gf, wanna go out with me?
  11. You can get interviewed for MPGH news in 5 minutes if you want. Together with me.
  12. Perhaps one day , i can show you around .
  13. I do not yet know what your body parts all look like.
    Maybe I could find out some day huh, what do you think?
  14. Yes , this forum needs a bit more / moments.
    Just my legs ? , love every party of me . oya .
  15. That's because I'm pretty fucking active AND WASTING 3 YEARS IS PRETTY STUPID
    I still love you and your legs though.
  16. Get off me you damn slut of a man .
    Joking love , i go back to school now , barely any time for me to even masturbate . Studying for the 3 years I've wasted . Sigh , yourself handsome ? I SEE U ONLINE .
  17. Inactive bitch
  18. Well at least I tried.
    I'll see what I can do later.
  19. Oh wow babes , arnt you slick ? I don't know about the group picture , suprise me .
  20. Well, get me something cute and I'll do it.
    A picture of you is fine too.
  21. Yes sir ! Looks quite plain .
  22. " Maybe you should have a Love Heart Display picture for the group . ;o"

    THAT IS A VERY GOOD IDEA MY LOVE I'll do it later.
  24. Awws , - puts my arms around u - .
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