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  1. you dead too? rip
  2. admin by the end of the year, stay tuned
    how is everything, did you get the job you interviewed for back in oct?
  3. Man we are bringing all the old tags out for you, huh?

    Just kidding buddy. Just wanted to stop in and congratulate.
  4. Damn, already? It is hard enough to get an interview in this climate, yet here you are jumping from one job to another haha
  5. You already know, brother. Just got an interview scheduled for next week at a law firm.
  6. You already have a plan, which means there is no worrying about you
    Just take care of you and your gf from covid, those are nasty times we are living in
  7. Because even though I have been a manager, its more departmental. I am not smart, but I AM smart enough to know I am not ready to run a full store. That being said, I told the Production Manager, my manager, that if/when that store manager leaves and my production manager inevitably takes the job, she can contact me anytime.
  8. Why not call up the store and tell them you can take on your supervisor's old job? You already have experience and are familiar with the store, so why not
  9. The store manager was the worst of it, would go from joking to ripping your head off in a snap. With us gone, that made 3 people quitting that week cause of her attitude. I hear she's getting sent to remedial training, thank god. Looking for work rn, Kinda stressed on it but I know as long as I got Daniella I am gonna be okay.
  10. Rona we are doing fine, despite living in Everett, WA. We moved somewhere a little better. As for Economics, hahahaha... Left my job about a week ago. Only took the job because my old job was boring and my girlfriend wanted to work with me. I realized quickly that the store manager, or any manager for that matter, had no clue what they were doing. I have been a manager/supervisor for 6 years now, and never have I seen a management team so disorganized and distraught. I told them their incompetence is messing with our numbers and since then, it has been a war with them. From "Missing" sending my check to me making me wait like 3 weeks for it, to literally pulling in my girlfriend cause she needed to see a doctor for her wheezing and told her she would fire us both if we didnt come back to work that day. We didn't..
  11. Sounds like you are living the life, congratulations on the ap man. How are you holding up with rona and the economy?

    And yeah, it feels like we haven't talked in ages. I still can't believe I resigned 4 whole years ago lol. I am alright, life is just about work nowadays or else I won't be able to pay rent, so that's something I guess haha
  12. Doing alright. Got an apartment with my girlfriend of almost 1 year now so that's super noice. Just been working, drowning myself in games and work in the end.

    Been missing a sense of community I suppose. Given the amount of older faces coming back out, I thought to come back.

    Now that all of that is out of the way, enough about me, How are you? I feel like its been a decade since we last linked up and chatted, though truly only a few years. I hope life has been kind, despite all of these thing happening right now.
  13. Hey pal, been a long time. How is life
  14. Yeah, I just came back too but not for long, taking a quick look

    I am doing alright I guess? College is getting hectic, projects, coding, job, money.. you know all that shitty stuff of life lol
    How is your life getting along after all the issues you had here and there?
  15. I am well. Came back to MPGH.

    Wbu, friend? Hows life been?
  16. hiiiiiiii
    how are you old pal. we haven't talked in a while
  17. <3 .
  18. Welcome back, congratulations.
  19. Moderating the whole forum is kind of hard and time consuming, but fun at the same time.
    I've been busy lately due to the upcoming projects and exams. How's life going? Still having problems?

    I am alright, Seems things are going well for you, Mr. Mod.
  21. Sup, how are you doing?
  22. Good. Hanging out rn, seeing how MPGH is.

    Wbu, Mayo.
  23. Thanks!
    How's it going buddy?
  24. it's a little late, but congrats on mod.

    makin me proud.
  25. Deemooooooooooooo
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