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  1. rip 2 this aussie nigga
  2. das rightm8 ill fukin kangaroo kik u
  3. Fuck man, I know who you are. I'm just playin 'wit cha. Can't a guy have a lil fun?
  4. Fukn noob genesis alrdy forgot?
  5. Who the fuck are you
  6. hey n000bbb
  7. re_dux my nigga.
  8. kangarooooooooo
  9. Australian cunt
  10. Aussie cunt
  11. ur alive o.o
  12. thanks for the vouch
  13. Done!!!...
  14. hey man my older vouch thread was deleted because I didn't use correct format could you just please revouch on my vouches thread ill link you for the ltc4 i sold you thanks
  15. Smooth trade thanks a lot man
  16. Sold CA acc I went first he send $ after I gave $ legit guy vouch+
  17. timmyturneriscool
  18. Genesis from skype, here's a vm.
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