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  1. still waiting for 1k to upgrade gfx team hh
  2. My man carrying gfx team on his back wkwk
  3. starting tavern.exe for u
  4. can you donate sp badge to me? i work for you
  5. g0tcHa ma Fr4nd, 1m gOn@ eDit iN pha1nT
  6. my passport expire for wkwk land
  7. alright sir, you can talk with ponds rn
  8. ponds ;
  9. wow poonce u are beautiful whamen
  10. Anda berbicara bahasa para dewa, Terima kasih
  11. parivartan, ya main tumhen badalane vaala hoon
  12. gimme da p00ncey b0sS
  13. Hello hello mr premium!
  14. but still on your back
  15. poonce publicist i nut
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