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  1. Forgot to respond! Miss you too! Hope life is treating you well.
  2. miss u boi
  3. Thank you sir.

    This avatar is gonna go down in history for sure, one of my best IMO.
  4. nice avi tits mcgee
  5. This is an English only forum please don't put foreign, crypted language on my wall thank you.
  6. whatever happened to lauren what happened to banks niqqa what happened to cube
  7. i visit you
  8. I am unique.
  9. youre not unique titty boi
  10. whatchya wearing
  11. its a sin to visit and not leave a greeting
  12. Please refrain from commenting in the scammer grave if you have nothing to do with the report. Continuing to do so will result in an infraction/ban.
  13. ShitsMcGee
  14. Flying out of state for vacation till Sunday. Will be unavailable till then.
  15. ur cute 8]
  16. go get that 9k boyo
  17. thanks familia
  18. grats on mod
  19. I love you.
  20. what the hell
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