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  1. yeah hi how r u czar ily
  2. Stupid bitch
  3. hey it's been good bud how's your life?
  4. Yeah, I really don't even know. I was gonna say something mean for old times sake but I decided against it. Hows it been, man?
  5. y u on my profile gayzar
  6. .
  7. Yeah, I guess so.
  8. do you still love me
  9. I wish I didn't know you
  10. What the heck, why not?!????
  11. Well... not now.
  12. Hello Gayzar, did you come to solicit sex with me?
  13. Boombitch.
  14. Hello Gayzar.
  16. I get on MPGH like every other week. I work on a nuclear submarine, nigga. Its not like we have access to the web whenever we want.
  17. Damn took you that long to be mad? Was just a joke friend.
  18. Gutter. Slut. Yes, they let gays in the military. Yes, I'm kinda butthurt. But... consider this.. Yous a bitch nigga.
  19. hows life
  20. Sup Bitchbox
  21. supsup trusted gay
  22. Sup section stealer.
  23. RIP me.
  24. Don't do a scammer report pl0x.
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