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  1. csgo is fun tho
    but im playing ow rn and pubg and rust sometimes
    thats bout it
  2. ill pm u my snap ok? i expect nudes..

    also fuck csgo dont play that game in the current year
  3. idc if im lvl 2
    still will woop ur ass in csgo

    bro i just want ur snap
    u seem cool
    u cant fw that?
  4. yeah i added ur lvl 2 ass

    why tf u want my snap bro get off my vms
  5. whats ur snapchat
  6. did u add me back on steam
  7. i dont have time for that
  8. ?????????????????? check your pms??????????
  9. then where it go my man
  10. i didnt you clown
  11. nigga why tf u delete my rip lil peep thread in general wtf
  12. I didn't report any post
  13. "Thnx 4 not b a bish about cs
    enjoy like the 10 maybe moar rep"

    yet you reported the post????????????
  14. Yea i'll just report from now on there's really no point ha X.X
  15. I was defending myself
  16. You report the posts saying "pls stop the bullying" yet you know it's going to happen when you make shitposts, why waste your time?
  17. It was obviously a game of hide n seek
    Don't tell me you never played that game
  18. Posting a thread with a decent discussion vs you mentioning hero about your signature, you tell me the difference.

  19. Explain how that was a shitpost?
    Well fine, if it was a shit post/ thread
    So are these, so get to work mpgh slave.
  20. Shitposts.

  21. What rule did I fucking break for you to delete that thread?
    Yea fuck off...
  23. Welcome to the force.
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