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  1. i need proof beforehand
    i take a 5% tax on MM service
  2. ok u go first im vouched
  3. hello cute femboy let's exchange pics
  4. no i have chromosome deficiency

    doc said "p3nis lmao"
  5. r u ok buddy
  6. lol u big gay??? hahah rawr XD

    i think i just had a fucking extra chromosome moment

  7. That image has emotions that cannot be described.
  8. pull up fam

    pull up

    I see you out there zooming but you ain't shit dawg
  9. I'm an absolute unit lad

    watch out son

    better learn to catch hands

  10. a cocksucking demi-god, scary stuff.
  11. If I were you, I wouldn't mess with a cs demi-god son

  12. haha neck it
  13. boom box more like boom the twin towers

    i love you please pay attention to my heart
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