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  1. I guess, but the thread was still not a harmful thing. I just PM Dave to see what he thought about it. But not sure fi he will check it out. Thanks anayway.
  2. dave is the only person who has any say over it, if he thinks it needs to be changed he will make a thread and do so accordingly, all these posts in general aren't just suddenly going to change his mind.
  3. For fuck sakes it's a legit idea to help this damn forum not die... not a bitching thread or repeating the same shit people have said about the IM chat for the last 3 months. Whats the problem with gather a group of guy to pay for this damn chat to eb fixed. Because it might not affect Dave or you guys but people are loosing thousands because of this bullshit. We don't have a problem paying to fix the chat it's just nonsense at this point already
  4. Welcome Back...
    \/ Please stop this guy's shit posting...
  5. ^_______^

    thanks bud.
  6. Glad to see you back.
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