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  1. I do remember. I also you remember you and boubie
  2. just saw u returned to MPGH, welcome back! btw do u remember Matthew? XD
  3. Good luck with your app! :3
  4. thank you ^^
  5. Wow congrats on mod
  6. Thank you ~
  7. gratz on M+
  8. Name change? o.o
  9. Do you have a skype? Mine is ******seanchen95129 need to ask you some regarding the case
  10. Oh.. um .. nice to know
  11. Sorry that was my friend he took my phone from me LMAO
  12. I’m not wet...yet
  13. .. You drank too much water
  14. Please no, I don't like him at all in that sense
  15. um fine ..
  16. I'm just a MPGH user who browses pages. How are you doing?
  17. who are you ?
  18. What's up?
  19. Congrats!
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