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  1. Thanks dude I apologise and I assure you I am a loyal supporter of King Oryx <3
  2. it was just a joke but I appreciate that you gave an explanation, I would never ask any one with that tag already to remove it.
  3. Forgive me King
  4. bruh i dont not support u im tryna save a fellow MPGHer from losing $400 and his paypal account. If it were u in that situation i would do the same thing. Isnt a thing about favouritism its me stopping him from losing his $460 + pp account, which is basically him losing more than he started off with. I would like to remain in King Oryx i dont not support you please understand where im coming from here.
  5. in king oryx yet supports a goober, get that tag off
  6. psychotic4mod
  7. was that Royce den?
  8. n o p e
  9. didnt u leave before or wha?
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