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  1. I fled the country fam you never gon catch my ass
  2. uwu so long my heart aches for you uwwwwwwwu ~ welcome back darklord you currently have one scam report case still open from 2016.
  3. lemme ring up my homies let them take care of you
  4. my fortress was under attack by the houthis
  5. Bro came in for the callout and left. Even I last longer.
  6. Big fat juicy american.
  7. wait what? Kinguin cancelled their subscription?
  8. Question's too hard for u noob engineer
  9. why u creepin on my profile 8[
  10. Stalker Confirmed .
  11. Confirmed .
  12. I'm a fat nigga, it's okay tho
    Cus I can still fuck yo main hoe
  13. -rep
    user scammed me after agreeing to marriage.
  14. I have contacts with Drake, who runs Halloween Taliban Taliban.
    I'll have my dad know about this and be aware, he has contacts in Taliban AND Isis.
  16. dling isis messenger as we speak
  17. me gut hax 2 sel
    how 2 msg u
  18. Senpaiforce comes through.

    6 (pray)
  19. Carnot was indeed with me for this bloody exam.
    I have been blessed.
  20. May the God of Heat Transfer bless you Habibi.
  21. Pray for me senpai
    Going into thermodynamic exam
  22. [img]*****m/content/betcom/topics/t/terror-squad/_jcr_content/image.custom1200x675x20.dimg/2012-music-topic-terror-squad.jpg[/img]
  23. jeezus crust abortions 9/11 murica gun freedom gay pride
  24. mashallah zam zam kebab haram falafel 6x (pray)
  25. سأفجر أمريكا قريبا أيها الفيل السمين. لن ينعم م ب ج ح بيوم من الراحة بعد اليوم
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