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  1. no lol but I have to pay my mechanic! I do do not need 90$ I have gotten the car part already so now I just need 20$
    some one on skype gave me 40$ and I just need 20$. I wilpay you back
  2. hey do you have 90$ pp i can borrow? d
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    Jep i confirm
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    What's up Raple ?
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    okay pubg > h1z1 , you were right
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    Please tell me you use to play Conquer 2.0
  7. Yo Raple ir you have time need to talk to when you come back and you have to wait until you come back to do your thing dor you.
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    Hey i need a vouch copy for my thread, fitbits please message me back thanks and we can arrange something
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    Hey i need a vouch copy for my thread, fitbits please message me back thanks and we can arrange something
  10. Mate please check RotMG's Threads
  11. Im chanman again
  12. but i think you need vouches in advance to be able to open a shop. now without selling anything, i dont think i can get any vouches firsthand. rest i would wait for your reply about stickies as well. thank you for help.
  13. How can i claim my prize?
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    I know fag, change it to my img title
  15. it's temporary, will change back kiddo
  16. Not too bad mate, yourself?
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    We get the fact that you are a GM, now change that text title b4 I rage at you, bitch
  18. omg my nig rapel!!!
  19. to be precise i am sharing an example of what i want to do and where i want the spot.

    if you can see the topmost thread by mysmurf. thats exactly what i do and and thats exactly where i want to be placed. so how to go about it?
  20. my question is that i have went through all the threads about rules and i guess you cant directly or indirectly advertise about any other site, but how do i get vouches to start my own store here? i mean i joined this site for hacks in the first place and i have been a member of mpgh since 2015 or 16 i guess. i used to come, and download the hack and leave. now i dont think i would find anyone who would vouch for a complete stranger, so how does this thing work? and how can i be a part of the sticky thread? like my post should always be on top and highlighted.
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    Wow congrats on GM
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About Raple
I truly feel like my sanity is slowly dissolving away like salt in a glass.
Fitbit SE'er.
What are you here for?:
Because MPGH is my home.
United States
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3.8 GHz (4.2 OC'd)
28 GB
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3 TB HDD, 300 GB SSD
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GTX 760Ti
Sound Blaster
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W7 Ultimate


Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TX UNBAN ME I don't deserve to be banned ever! I am damn near A perfect users do I look like "Dildotheking" to you guys??? I can see him being banned this long but not me!
Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
I am not very happy about this. Now I have to live with two infractions for the rest of my LIFE!! Over a little spamming. That's like me going to jail for 934563498 years for jaywalking. Now I have to hang and chat with the other low lives with infractions!!!!
Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
Hello, I would like to request Admin for A day. I have been in leader positions in certain things such as Roblox So I would hope you guys let me one day get od or Admin for A day
Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
Do not deal with this DEMON!!!!
Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post

Global Moderator - October 2017
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Official Publicist - May 2017
Moderator - May 2017
Other MMORPGs Minion - May 2017
Steam Minion - May 2017
Minecraft Minion - May 2017
Realm of the Mad God Minion - May 2017


The journey is over, I am finally GM. Thank you if you supported me.


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