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  1. Hes acting really strange. I am currently recording to see if he doesnt respond to me. I gave him the account info like he asked but as soon as i did that some "Problems" Started happening and now hes just not responding. He said to me that as soon as i gave him the info he'd pay me the paypal. I've got all this on video so i'll wait a little longer. But honestly hes been avoiding me for 2 hours now. I was checking realm eye to see if he was playing on the account. Sure enough he was. He said his pc was lagging. But here he is playing realm?. I have three videos rendering out right now to send to a scamming mod or something if he doesn't come through with the money soon.I'm not saying hes a scammer yet i'm just letting who ever checks this page. He could be a scammer he might not be all depends if i get the money he said he'd pay.
  2. I figured he would. Still the fact that you have that awful name sucks XD
  3. Dave stopped abusing me ^.^
  4. Shit. Messed with Dave hard core this time
  5. Naww I'm Head Sheep now

    The Sheep Empire is about to rule MPGH soon
  6. I'm probably gonna leave the RotMG section for now. Stick with General. Might check the RotMG section for some new pservers that seem interesting. Other than that, I'm gonna migrate to Minecraft and General. I've literally given up on RotMG. Killed all my characters with all my items on them. I still have my pet but that is it.

    Minecraft seems to be the only reason why I am on MPGH. Maybe even BattleTale. Other than that... MPGH has gone downhill. I'm glad Royce is minion again but things won't be like they were 2 years ago when Royce and Distraught were minion. Then Raple and Lovroman came along and they were an interesting pair but once they resigned and so did Color, I just couldn't stand it... every good Mod on MPGH is moderating another section so I guess... I'll go somewhere else as well.

    Might even go inactive from MPGH for a month

    Studying is something I need to focus on nowadays. Big exams for me now

    Anyways, hope you have a good life and wish you good fortune

    Best VM I've received all day

    and Liz's response here

    OMG both made my day
  8. K. Will go on ***** soon enough
  9. Lol I knew you weren't mad

    Bye bye Sowwen's sig
  10. sowwy for ruining your nite
  11. tbh I don't really care. Anime seems cool so probably anime

    Night mate
  12. Yeah but that isn't the case in General

    If you want to make me a sig then be my guess

    Should've put your donation down there so that I could thank
  14. Yeah I'm just playing around with Seraph's Dominion's Source.

    Perhaps one day, I would step up to be a minion but for now, I don't think moderating is something I want to do. Uses up a lot of your time in my opinion.
  15. I've been doing well. Got a test coming up... Maths

    Anyways I have been thinking of donating but with the current economy for Australia, I don't think now is a good time. Until it kinda gets to 1:1 with the US, I probably won't be donating.
  16. Eyy you donated
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    This 12 year old is learning how to make iOS apps and HTML. Your point? I've seen more maturity in him than have I ever in you.
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    I don't get DDoSed because I know how to not fuck up. + You were most likely not DDoSed, just booted by some kid. + I have a shit ton of reviews todat. + You're an annoying little skid.
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    You arn't doing any reviews. You scammed/fucked over one of my top reviewers.]
  20. -rep he is pissy, if you say something you dont like he scams you.
  21. +rep I went first pp and he came through...
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    +REP, good trader, was patience and nice and fast wuld trade again
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    I'm curious. You sound high af 24/7 and I am trying to figure out if you're just young and don't know what you're talking about or high af.
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    How old are you?
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    At school for the next 3 hours so no can do.
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