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    Made me dizzy and I had to go to the hospital. Send me hospital fees. c:

    jk xD
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    Your sig is so confusing lol. xD
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    Yeah i have a guitar and fuck no im not buying a replica of the EET FUK lol. I'm sure the history of James Hetfields guitar "EET FUK" Explorer is worth thousands for sure. It's in a museum i heard.
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    Do you know the James Hetfield EET FUK infamous guitar?
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    Just don't got the money for it lol. Gas and shit lol.
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    CA man. they came to fuckin Rock in Rio in reno but there was no way i was getting out there man lol.
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    Fuck yeah man. When you hear those open strings come in.. you know it's nothing else matters man....

    Solo + Nothing Else Matters. suck a good feeling when you hear it come on

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    There will never be ANY band that can compare themselves to Metallica. All i know is i wanna see them live very bad. I heard they are going back to E standard (im pretty sure thats the original tuning when they were young and making sick albums) and that they are just ripping it out there. James Hetfield stills sounds great. Lars is still kicking ass (fuck all the haters llolol) and Kirk is still on point with his solos and his doodle for Nothing Else Matters is just amazing. The hole band is just history.
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    I like almost all of it but St Anger. It's so like. eye tearing when in 2015 you can hear James's old high pitched voice (voice of the 1900s) it's really sad. they are very old and hearing it is just crazy to know he still has it in him. Metallica will always be life.
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    Nice avatar, James hetfield of metallica has vicious downpick. AND NOTHINNNGGG ELLLSEE MATTTERRRSSSS
  11. Been a partner with Machinima a year and 6 months.. No, I am not a dj, I just promote what others make :P
  12. Nothing much really at the moment, rendering some YouTube content to myself so I can upload later on, and slowly starting to planning on moving out from my parents house with my friend (will be sharing an apartment with him - not beds) and waiting till I reach 100 subs, but it'll never come, I think.
  13. I have tried Dota 2 and I'll take that over LoL because 1st person view or whatever.
  14. Pretty much any game, I mostly hate games like LoL or Dota.. I dunno who, mostly like FPS games, because they all have action all the time.
  15. nothing much mate, just thought I shall add ya as a mpgh friend, u find it as a problem ? :P
  16. otherwise you can try sites like
  17. I say "beginners" because it assumes you have knowledge in C or C++ first. You should focus only on x86, because that's the architecture that most games run on.

    Alternatively, if you want to get into making simple trainers for games. I recommend you start with VB.NET (pretty simple language) and find various modules to write and read memory. That way, if you find out what you want to change with tools like Cheat Engine, you can easily do the same in your trainer.

    I know this is a lot to take at once, but don't expect to learn everything immediately. It will take time so don't rush things just because you want to make hacks straight away.
  18. I can't answer that, it would depend on the person. I recommend you start with C++ as most/nearly all injectable hacks are coded in that language. You can find some really nice websites with great tutorials on the internet. If you are a video learner, use YouTube, otherwise you can try sites like One you've gained enough groundwork knowledge, you can start looking into actually making hacks.

    I can't really recommend a specific game to start with, but it's a good idea to look around on MPGH cause you are likely to find some source code here and there. If you want to figure out stuff yourself (which you definitely probably will unless you want to copy and paste other's codes), you'll need background on reverse engineering and there is a really nice tutorial for "beginners" that I came across recently.
  19. I can't give anything specific, I just googled stuff as I went along. Never really relied on any particular website.
  20. Google? The internet?
  21. You can never fully learn how to code, it's a continuous learning process.
  22. Learn it myself. I'm in my final year of school before I go to university.
  23. Haven't got the time these days and don't like those games.
  24. . Not interested.
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