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  1. damn man, two weeks inactivity.

    Hope life is treating you well!
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    Can you also remake the magus sir? I remember that you and emoric are friends and tried to work with it before
  3. Welcome Back Biney?
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    hey quest/merge glitch is broken help meeee
  5. Update Grimoire 3.3 please.
  6. how to use load bot command in grimoire?
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    There's a bug in Grimoire killing for items, like Cubes, fragments of chaos, etc. Sometimes It won't pick up
    the last remaining quantity it needs in order to move to the next command.
  8. There is a bug with the grimoire bot where if you stay afk for more than 3 minutes you silently get disconnected. The game just freezes and you have to relog.
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    i installed Visual Studio, how can i use grimoire 3.8 source code for Private Servers please teach me
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    Bots stopped working, community is casually reacting to the end of the world.
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    How do you use "exploit" in aqw?
    In case to find fault like the "temp item"?
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    hello biney
    do you have ******* group?.
  13. Hey, could you by any chance point me towards where the Grim3.8 source is grabbing the current SWF version. (Similarly to how you updated it for this recent patch by AE) I'm just a newbie trying to learn how to work with some of the features in Grim. Would greatly appreciate it .
    I've tried searching for swf, gameversion, https, and nothing has lead me to find that variable/string.
  14. Oops, didn't mean to close the Grimoire 3.8 thread sorry!
  15. jag menar vad heter du på aqw, så vi kanske kan träffas
  16. jävlar en svensk som kör aqw! det är inte ofta man ser vad heter du?
  17. Thank you bby
  18. Soon, I hope
  19. Thanks to you too
    Currently in the process of trying to get my main back
  20. Fuck, only just saw you got contributor, a big congratulations man
    Pretty sure I had contributor for a total of 24 hours before my main was banned, you've already achieved much more than I ever did
  21. Congratulations on contributor man!
  22. Sad it didn't happen sooner, I recommended you to get it like 2ish months ago.
  23. ayyyyyy congrats on contributor!!!
  24. my grimoire does not work because of flash.ocx
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    where you at mate? It's been so long since I've supported your bot.
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