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    MPGH Halloween Haunted House Contest | October 2019

    MPGH Halloween Haunted House Contest

    Hello MPGH and happy Halloween! This month we have a brand new fun and festive contest for everyone to participate in. Share your spookiest and most creative Halloween themed ideas you have! The best entries will receive some awesome prizes. Before posting your entry, please make sure to read rules & list of requirements. Any entry or post that goes against contest rules is subject to removal.

    Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! This is a community contest, so let make it better together.
    If you would like to donate towards prizes, please add t0b1 on IM by clicking here.

    - All images must be uploaded to an image host - Imgur.
    - All entries must be submitted before the deadline.

    - No shit posting allowed.
    - Pre-made images or sprites are not allowed.
    - No type of animations.
    - Use PAINT only.
    - Can't vote for yourself or request votes.
    - Only 1 entry allowed per member.

    Prize for 1st place is Premium Member
    Prize for 2nd place is a free Name and Title Change
    Prize for 3rd place is a free Name or Title change

    Additional prizes may be added through the duration of the contest.

    Winners of competition will also be featured in the News for the entire month.

    Using only Paint, create an MPGH themed Halloween Haunted House! There are no restrictions so be as creative as you can possibly be!
    As long as your Haunted House image fits into a single image, is made entirely in paint, and has something related to MPGH, it will be acceptable.

    To enter, just submit your entry as comment in this thread.
    For additional help/questions, add t0b1 on IM by clicking here

    Schedule and Important Informations

    *Important* Only 1 submission per member. If you have more ideas,
    you must choose which one you like the best for the event.

    Make sure to post your submission before
    the deadline, there will be no exceptions.

    Entry Thread - Start Date: October 12th, 2019 | End Date: October 24th, 2019
    Voting Thread - Start Date: October 24th, 2019 | End Date: October 31st, 2019

    Event hosted by:

    The winner(s) will be featured throughout each edition of the news for that month.
    Please remember to always vote fairly. Lets try to make this as fair as possible for everyone.
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