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    Anything working for this game?

    When it first came out I had inf ammo, spamming 10,000 smart bombs with faster RoF on them lol, etc. etc. etc.

    But now everythings patched? Whats still moddable or hack usable thats fun?

    I'm trying the "super ammo" stuff in INSANE's thread

    set sv_consistency 0 and ingnore_two_player_requirement 1

    anyone know what you can do? I was trying "asw_ent_create asw_weapon_smart_bomb_attributes" but no go.

    EDIT: Why is the "hack" a full script file folder? only the ASW_WEAPON_XXXXXXXXX files and the like were modded for clip size, reload speed and fire rate.

    too bad in MP the FF is horrendous.

    EDITTTTTTTTTT: So you can hack damage, fire rate, ammo count, and reload speed in SCRIPTS folder, what else can you use online with SV_Consistency 0
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