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    Exclamation Recommended by Lonesome Cowboy - Boosters

    Lonesome Cowboy's reviews below. My system is that you'll have to boost me up 1 division to get posted here. Of course I'll vouch less too, but in that case, the vouch will not be put in here! I only do EU vouches. If you are NA, or from an other region, get vouched by someone else.

    Currently: Silver I
    10/10 Guy is awesome, team is perfect, they take the job like a job, and listen for special requests, booster plays really good. Boosted me from Silver IV to Silver III. They are also open for additional ideas.
    10/10 Absolutely fabulous! Carried the games(the losses wasn't his fault), was really friendly with me!
    Completed the job of getting me to Silver II from Silver III in 2 days. AND HE SPEAKS HUNGARIAN!
    Fantastic, communicative person, fast boosting, awesome games. I recommend it to everyone looking for a boosting service! Even though EuW was really messed up, he was able to boost like a boss with a really stable playstyle even I could learn some things from!
    10/10 Wow, just wow. Cheapest and the most positive. Carries all games hard, really friendly and as I said, the cheapest booster around town so far. Epic plays, great communication, got me to Gold V from Silver I within a day!! I absolutely recommend him!
    10/10 This guy belongs to LCS! People who use his service are lucky he doesn't. He made the most epic plays you can imagine, carried games so hard my monitor broke. The guy had a positive mentality all the time, was open to suggestions and answered questions. I learned a lot. I absolutely suggest him! 100%
    10/10 Very friendly booster. Screenshots all game endings, very discrete, just alltogether awesome! Quite astonishing plays, stable stats. And also really fast. What else could I say?
    10/10 Best ADC mechanics I have seen, very stable play-style, very cold headed person, never raged, carried games, got the teams do proper teamwork. I learned a lot about ADC role, and saw some really epic plays. The guy owned even when EuW was lagging. Got me to Plat V from Gold I in 2 days.
    Spectacular performance. The fastest and most efficient boosting ever done. Boost has been done in 4 hours, regardless of playing 5 placement matches and getting me up a division. 4 HOURS!! He is called FAST Forward boosting for a reason! Saw the booster in 2 roles, ADC and Top, both ones were jaw-dropping. Extremely calm and stable decision making, very good itemization, fantastic roaming and positioning. Seriously, boosters are getting better each year, bot I think he has the well deserved #1 position now. Ssecurity, efficiency and niceness are both 100%!
    9/10 Finally a booster who plays mid, fantastic trinket usage with tricks I didn't even see from LCS players. Really big knowledge on player mechanics and overall a good player.
    10/10 They have at least 1 verified challenger booster, their service is friendly and fast. The booster was laughing and Diamond IV players and wrecked them game by game. Calm decision making, good calls, epic teamfight participation.
    10/10 Now that is a carry-type booster. Regardless of the circumstances, he was always able to turn the game to a win. He managed to get kills with his extremely stable farming (constant 230+ farm), his epic positioning in teamfights, his 1v1 abilities. He was fast and efficient, finished all games very fast.

    Bernard.'s recommendations:
    Contact @Bernard. about vouching.

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    Oh and btw I'm the NA guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernard. View Post
    Oh and btw I'm the NA guy.
    Can I be reviewed here?

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