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    Question [How to use the new IM chat for marketplace]|[Guide]
    Effective June 1 2018 Skyp3 will no longer be allowed on MPGH. Skyp3 will be replaced with the current MPGH IM which you can locate at the bottom left of your page.

    MPGH Embedded Chat Announcement -

    To transfer over to using the embedded chat, you'll need to request edits for current active marketplace threads of yours to replace skyp3 with the IM. Any future threads must also contain the IM.

    So how do you add the IM to your thread?

    You'll need to remove all other contact information from your thread and you'll need to put the IM bb in the thread.

    Adding in the IM to your thread hyperlinks MPGH members to directly send a friend request to you. Example below..

    You'll need use the following format to have that hyperlink show up in your thread

    The "0000" in the first bracket is representing your profile id number, which is the number shown in the link when you visit your profile..

    In my case -

    My profile id is 2372355, thus I would use the following format to add in my IM hyperlink.

    Replace the numbers with your profile id and paste it into your thread, and thus people will be able to add you.

    An example of what the hyper link looks like in a thread - Add me on IM
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