1. Go to the Scammer Grave section.

2. Click .

3. Input the title "Scammed by xxxxxxx" (replace xxxxxx with their MPGH username)

4. Input the below code into the body of the thread:

MPGH Profile Link:
Thread link (If applicable):
Trade details: 
Picture proof of scam occurring:
Comments/Information (Involving how you got scammed or what happened, do not put in unnecessary comments):
5. Fill in their profile link by taking the URL of their MPGH profile

6. Input a thread link if they have a sales thread/shop open in the marketplace.

7. Input the trade details, such as "$50 BTC for $55 PayPal"

8. Compile screenshots of your WHOLE MPGH chat from the beginning of the trade to the end using gyazo or something alike to that.

9. Open up imgur and place the first image on to the site, then on the same page drag the rest, this will create a single album of which all the proof will be shown.

10. Take the URL of the imgur and input it as the "Picture proof of scam occurring"

11. Write any comments/info about the trade, such as in this case that you sent the Bitcoin and the other party never sent the PayPal.

If the other party has deleted you on MPGH chat then upload the above without the proof but state that they deleted you in the comments and we shall deal with it from there.