How to use the IM chat for marketplace

Using outside contact methods like,Tele.gram,Dis.cord or anything else which is not IM chat is NOT allowed on mpgh.

IM chat can be found in bottom left of your mpgh page you are browsing.
ALL Marketplace threads which require a contact method(Selling Section,Buying Section...) must have IM chat as its primary contact method.

If you have an old thread and want it reopened,you will have to request thread edits to replace your old contact method with IM chat.

So how do you add the IM to your thread?

You will need to put the IM bb in the thread. (So it's hyperlinked and clickable)

Adding in the IM to your thread hyperlinks MPGH members to directly send a friend request to you. Example below..

You'll need use the following format to have that hyperlink show up in your thread

The "0000" in the first bracket is representing your profile id number, which is the number shown in the link when you visit your profile..

In my case -

My profile id is 3114594, thus I would use the following format to add in my IM hyperlink.

Replace the numbers with your profile id and paste it into your thread, and thus people will be able to add you.

An example of what the hyper link looks like in a thread - Add me on IM

When MPGH IM is under maintenance or it is down there two contact methods that you are allowed to use. The first contact method is Private Messaging. Private Messaging works all of the time and is an alternative way of communicating with other users. The second contact method that is allowed is Email. Email are only allowed as secondary contact methods with IM being the first. If you do not have IM on the thread and we only see email then your thread will be closed. Disposable & Temporary emails are NOT allowed. You are not allowed to use communication platforms that is offered by your email provider. An example would be Google Hangouts. Doing so would result in your account being permanently banned. and Disc.rd are still NOT allowed even when IM is down.

How to request thread edits

This'll be a guide on how to request thread edits, if the following steps aren't followed then your requests will be ignored.

1) Copy and paste your whole thread layout into pastebin(with the desired changes) -
You can copy your current thread layout by quotion your post.
After that you can edit it how you want and if you want to make sure thread looks how you would like it to be you can use the "Preview Post" feature. Just go into any section and click on start a new thread. Instead of submitting it, click on "Preview Post"
2) Send the link of the paste data to the section minions via Private Messages. (Link should look like this -
Private messages are found under the profile picture of the person you are trying to send the private message to.
3) Also send the link to the thread that you'd like to be modified. Example -

Example of how a thread edit request should look like.

Reminder, if anything on the edit violates rules, it will be ignored. If a minion accidentally misses violated rules, that is still your responsibility and the thread will be closed. Minions aren't there to proof read thread edit requests, if it slips past them then your threads WILL be deleted.