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    A word of caution: MAKE A BACKUP of your save.
    I will not be held responsible for what you may or may not do with your save.
    Corrupting it is quite possible.

    I'm going to assume that you followed the previous guide, so I won't be showing you where to download the editor and how to run it.

    1. Start off by opening up the editor.
    2. Navigate to the RAW tab.

    Here you will find a wide array of things that can be done that isn't available just out of the box without some minor knowledge about how the game works. I'm sure you're not interested in that so I'll just show you a few examples of what could be done and let you experiment on your own.


    Editing your ammo.

    1. Open up black market upgrades.
    The default max numbers by upgrading ingame are:
    In order, these are what they are for.
    1 Assault Rifle
    2 Pistol
    3 Launcher
    4 Shotgun
    5 SMG
    6 Sniper Rifle
    7 Grenades
    8 Backpack
    9 Bank
    You can go ahead and set that number to whatever you want, the higher the more ammo you'll get.
    In this guide I'll set them to something I can remember; 25000.
    So, go ahead and set all of those to the same value for simplicity.

    2. Navigate to ResourceData
    Here you'll see how much you have and what upgrade level they have, simply editing the ammo in here won't do anything.
    So, that's why you just edited the BlackMarketUpgrades.

    Go ahead and set the ammo to some ridiculous amount just to be safe, then edit the black market UpgradeLevel to the numbers you previously set in the BlackMarketUpgrades part, which if you followed this tutorial would be 25000.

    The backpack and bank spaces are not included in the resource data.
    They are also in a different order, that is why I recommended you set it to the same all across the board.
    It makes it so much less difficult.
    You should have successfully given yourself a whole bunch of ammo now.

    Editing your skills.
    If you really feel like doing this with gibbed, this is how.
    But personally I'd just recommend using Cheat Engine to freeze your skillpoints in-game and then max them out there.
    It seriously takes that much less time, because there's quite a few entries to edit.

    1. Navigate to SkillData
    2. Go ahead and set the Grade to 10 all across the board.
    Don't worry about it not being the actual max or too high, don't even bother to set it higher.
    Because it'll just revert back to the maximum number anyway.

    You are done.

    Editing quests.

    1. Navigate to MissionPlaythroughs
    The three MissionPlaythroughData you see here is corresponding to your playthrough.
    Normal, True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode

    Press whichever playthrough you are on.
    On the righthand panel you'll see what mission you are currently on and a few other options.

    2. Go inside MissionData

    Here you will find all the quests that you have started in the order of which you started them in-game.
    There's quite a few options in here but I'll just tell you what you probably want to know and not go into detail about the others.

    3. Navigate down and click on Status and select either Complete or ReadyToTurnIn

    You are done.

    Changing your playthrough.

    1. While in the RAW tab, navigate to PlaythroughsCompleted and set the number to either 1 or 2.
    1 is for True Vault Hunter Mode.
    2 is for Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

    That about wraps it up.

    Happy Hunting.
    Any and all images found in this tutorial as well as the written material was made by me.
    You may NOT repost this work anywhere without written consent.

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    Very nicely done i think you covered it all also he has a github now theres a new 2017 build there

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