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    Section Rules, revised


    These rules are an extension of the general rules.

    When making a thread, you must:

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your thread getting deleted.

    Some general section rules:

    • You can only post on your thread ONCE PER DAY, from the last post YOU created on the thread. This means you can't always post on your thread to reply to customers, or confirming you're speaking with them (*no longer required, IM is account based). If you wish to respond to people, you may do so after 24 hours (from your last post), or equivalently, you can edit your latest post with a quote of their post and respond to them that way.
    • Create only ONE thread for the ENTIRE forum. Some exceptions can be made (i.e. posting in Elite selling/trading buying + a public selling/trading/buying forum)
    • Shitposting or spamming isn't tolerated.
    • People that will be selling their accounts to buyers here must have the original e-mail of the accounts
    • If you were scammed, create a thread in this section and follow the procedure of how to create a scam report here.
    • For complaints (e.g. bad service) please provide meaningful, professional, and noninflammatory remarks with proof. Otherwise, your post will be deleted.
    • With the implementation of MPGH's IM system there is no longer a fear of impersonators, whoever you're dealing with is on that account and that account is held accountable. It's highly recommended to be safe when trading, review comments on threads and as always if you feel that you have been scammed please make a scam report in the Scammer Grave.
    • Any product or service listed must include a price and proof. If there is a price range for your listing, an explanation must be provided on how the price changes. Similarly if you are unable to provide proof, it may require additional explanation before approval.
    • You may not copy other user's thread layout or design unless given permission to by the thread creator. This includes all subsections in the marketplace.

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your thread getting deleted and a potential warning, infraction, or ban.

    What service you are NOT to provide:

    • Any "hacks", "cheats" or related stuff
    • Scripts, including remote executive
    • Bypasses
    • Menus
    • Keystealers or account stealers
    • Methods to sell keys
    • Phished accounts
    • Random and unchecked accounts accounts, keys, or logs
    • Selling of random keys (even if checked).
    • Fortnite Codes
    • Anything "bruteforcing" related EXCEPT configs(For sentry mba,openbullet etc...). You are allowed to sell configs.
    • Fortnite refunding
    • Any form of escrow (eBay holders for ex.)
    • Drops (Mainly used for SEing)
    • DDoS or doxing
    • Personal accounts (Steam, Origin, Fortnite etc..)without email access
    • Programs
    • Saved debit/credit cards
    • Anything related or linked to "Amazon" and their services is NOT allowed (EDU email's/Refunding services/Etc..)
    • Selling fake documents(passport/id...)
    • eBay refunding/holders/sellers/escrow
    • Rainbow Six: Siege Credit
    • Buy4You services
    • Limited paypal accounts
    • Mentoring services

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your thread getting deleted and a potential warning, infraction, or ban.

    Lifetime Rules and Warranties:

    • As of August 29, 2017, lifetime services (i.e. "lifetime of the shop" services) are no longer permitted. Anyone who has purchased a lifetime deal or is running a service that has lifetime is still bound to it, however, new lifetime deals are no longer allowed to be offered to anyone, and by anyone.
    • Alternatively, you can sell is unlimited warranties for a limited time (e.g. you can receive replacements of Spotify accounts an unlimited number of times for 3 months).
    • Any future "unlimited warranty for a limited time" services must specifically list out the time the warranty lasts, the cost, and any other details necessary. It will provide unlimited replacements for individual. There is zero room for inexplicity.
    • Prices of these services must be fair, and durations cannot be extremely long. This will be investigated and decided by MMs that look at your thread when approving it.
    • If you decide to close your thread while people have active warranties, you MUST continue providing waranties until the expiration date. Warranties are not "void" in any way. Failure to provide warranties can result in a legitamate scam report being filed. Avoidance of individuals after closure is not acceptable either, and can result in a legitamate scam report as well.

    Some notes:

    • Thread approvals are in place for marketplace sections. This means you must wait for your thread to be approved by the moderation team before you can view it. Be patient, as this process can take 24 hours. It can be longer than this, as the thread queue gets quite large everyday
    • ToS on threads and rules can be overridden by MPGH Staff decision in scam reports in order to prevent unfair treatment, and/or if absolutely necessary. Such things will require Mod+ to invoke such decisions.
    • Blacklists will be posted here. Search for users that may have been past scammers.
    • We don't catch everyone. This forum is quite huge, and there is only a number of us here to moderate it. As such, please report if you see anything that is rulebreaking.

    Remember to read the stickies around the section. In addition, as a reminder you must uphold these section rules along with the general site rules. These section rules and the general site rules may change at some point, so keep yourself updated by checking this thread now and then for an update.
    In addition, if you break any of the above rules (e.g. selling something that is not allowed to be sold) you can be infracted or banned for it.

    Thanks for your co-operation!

    - MPGH Staff
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    What to do when someone requests for a PM/VM to confirm your identity

    A lot of scams have been occurring where scammers have sellers/buyers PM their customers to make them believe that they are in fact dealing with that person. In order to combat this, please use the following format next time someone asks for a PM/VM to avoid having your impersonators scam others. Not only is it careless to not include your skype in PM/VM confirmations, it may affect your reputation amongst fellow members.

    You have requested a PM/VM from me. My Skype is “XXXXXXXX”. If you are receiving this and the Skype you are talking to isn’t “XXXXXXX”, then it is an imposter.

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    How to request thread edits [Read before asking for a thread edit]

    This'll be a guide on how to request thread edits, if the following steps aren't followed then your requests will be ignored.

    1) Copy and paste your whole thread layout into pastebin -

    2) Send the link of the paste data to the section minions via Private Messages. (Link should look like this -

    3) Also send the link to the thread that you'd like to be modified. Example -

    Example of how a thread edit request should look like ---------------

    Reminder, if anything on the edit violates rules, it will be ignored. If a minion accidentally misses violated rules, that is still your responsibility and the thread will be closed. Minions aren't there to proof read thread edit requests, if it slips past them then your threads WILL be deleted.

    General rules can be found here -
    Rules may vary in different sections

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